The Importance of Wheel Balancing, and How We Do It

When your tyres are properly balanced, you will find that your tyres will last longer, and your car will perform better on the road. When tyres are manufactured, despite all the technology used in their production, weight imbalances occur due to the rubber being distributed unevenly throughout the tyre. When your tyres are fitted to your car, they are balanced at the time of fitting. Most people forget that their wheels become imbalanced over time., and wheel balancing should be a part of their routine maintenance.

Even small imbalances in the tyre can have a profound effect on your car’s performance, especially at highway speeds. You may notice these imbalances as vibrations or a ‘shimmy’ in your steering wheel. In more severe cases, you may even feel the vibrations running through your car’s floorboard. If left unbalanced for too long, these vibrations may cause unnecessary wear and tear on your car, resulting in expensive and preventable repairs.

Most tyre manufacturers recommend that you have your wheels rebalanced about every 10,000km. Wear and tear happens to your tyres on every trip you take. Gradually your tyres wear down, and they wear unevenly. The uneven wear and tear is what causes imbalances in your tyres.

Having your tyres rebalanced is a fairly quick and simple process that your local Goondiwindi Tyre Service handles routinely. When you take you car for a wheel balance on of our tyre technicians will ensure that your tyre is properly mounted on it’s rim, that the valves are still seated correctly, and that the tyre is inflated to it’s correct operating pressure. Next the technician will put the tyre on a machine that spins the tyre, and locates the position and severity of the imbalance. The technician repairs the imbalance by placing weights on the opposite side of the tyre to counteract the imbalance. The technician will repeat this process until the tyre spins smoothly and evenly.

If you have driven your car more than 10,000km since your last balance or tyre fitting, then it is time to get a check up. Give Goondiwindi Tyre Service a call today on (07) 4671 2577. Paul, Chris and the team are always happy to help keep you and your family safe on the roads.

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