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Tyre Maintenance

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Tyre Maintenance Best Practice Plan

Here we share a simple and easy to follow 3 step maintenance plan for looking after your tyres and getting the longest and safest and best value for money life out of your vehicles tyres.
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Step #1

Monthly Tyre Pressure Check

Tyre Pressure Check
The number 1 thing you can do is on a monthly basis check your tyre pressure. This can be done while fuelling up at any service station.
Tyre Pressure Check

Tyre Pressure Recommendations

You can find the tyre pressure recommendation in your vehicles owner’s manual. If you cannot find it there then just contact us and we will give you that information.

Once you know your tyre pressure recommendation on a monthly basis check and adjust each tyres pressure to the recommended level.

Quick Visual Check

While you are checking each tyres inflation do a quick 2 point visual check on each tyre.

  1. Look for any sharp objects that may have punctured but not flattened the tyre. Even if the puncture is not deep enough to flatten the tyres immediately, the cracking and pitting caused by smaller punctures can eventually worsen and lead to problems down the road.
  2. Check tyre wear patterns. Excessive tyre shoulder wear usually indicates under-inflation, while wear to the centre of the tread can mean over-inflation.
Tip - Many tyres have tread wear indicator bars moulded into the tread. When the tread is worn down to where you can see a solid bar of rubber across the width of the tread, (the wear bar) it is time to replace your tyre.
Step #2

Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing
Treating your tyres to an annual wheel and tyre balancing check up will first and foremost increase the life of your tyres. Having balanced tyres enhances the safety of the driver and the performance of the vehicle.
Wheel Balancing

Unbalanced Tyre Safety Issues

We balance your tyres when they are fitted on your vehicle wheels for the first time or when they are refitted after a repair.

Tyres and Wheels can become unbalanced due to knocks and bumps during driving. Everyone has experienced their tyres becoming unbalanced at some stage during the tyres life. Having an unbalanced tyre will cause to to wear prematurely (also known as cupping or dipping) and if not rectified it will dramatically cutting the safe life of the tyre. Unbalanced tyres also cause premature wear to your vehicle’s suspension.

Unbalanced tyres and wheels also causes road vibration throughout the vehicle which on longer trips is a contributor to driver fatigue.

Maintenance Recommendation

To enhance the safe life of your tyres we recommend a scheduled an annual tyre maintenance check of your tyre balance and wheel alignment. In between the annual check up if you feel any sign of vibration or shimmy you should get your tyres and wheels re-balanced.
Step #3

Tyre Rotation

Tyre Rotation
Regular tyre rotation is important as it maintains even tread wear and thus greatly helps in getting the most life out of your tyres.
Tyre Rotation

How often should I Rotate My Tyres?

The first thing to do is check your vehicles owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s rotation recommendations. If no rotation period is specified in the manual this is the default recommendation:

  1. Car tyres should be rotated every 10,000 km’s.
  2. Four-wheel drive vehicles may require rotation as soon as every 4,000 km’s.
Tip - The first rotation of your tyres is the most important.
Tip - After each rotation be sure to adjust tyre inflation pressures to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.
Nick Campbell
Nick Campbell
Managing Director
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We hope this information has been of use for you. If you like to discuss any aspect of the 3 step maintenance plan or discuss a custom plan for your fleet please contact us today.
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